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Christian von Krogh
Age 45
Marital Status Single
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Highest degree:
Civil Engineer (Masters) in Computer Science (Program Systems) awarded in 2000.

1997 Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Program Systems. Final exam 1999/2000.
1993 Medical School (4 first years) University
1992 Outdoor life and environment Folkhighschool
1990 Civil Engineering, Electronics (2 first years) University
Before 1990 Electronics. Technical College
  Electronics, Computer Science. Technical Schools


  • Software Engineer (C++, Qt, Linux)
  • Software Engineer / Database Consultant (.NET, C#, OLTP/OLAP MS SQL 2005)
  • Software Engineer (Java Server/GUI/J2ME/Web)
  • Software Engineer (Java/EJB/JSP/Weblogic)
  • IT-wizard, volunteer (HTML, DTP, ++)
Summer Jobs
  • Software Engineer: (Java Server, Java GUI, CORBA)
  • Software Engineer / Consultant: (SQL, C++, Documentation)
  • Other: Paperboy, 1hour-photo developer, nursing assistant, hospital orderly, grocery salesman.
Work During Studies
  • Main repairman in a computer workshop.
  • Clerk in a videostore.
  • Pizza delivery boy and clerk for a video and pizza restaurant.
  • Editor for 2 years in a peace organization.
  • Elected Student Representative at the University
  • Public Relations Guy in folkdancing group
  • Member of project to improve quality of studies at the University
  • During studies: Folkdancing, karate, men's choir, peace labour.
  • Otherwise: Running, hiking, movies/dvd, books, emulators, gaming consoles, etc.

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