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I am very fascinated by the fact that it's possible to emulate another computer system on a PC!

My favourite piece of workmanship is the CCS64 Commodore 64 emulator. It emulates the good old '64 down to the very last detail. We once tested CCS64 versus a real C64 - the results were simply unbelievable! The emulator and the real thing performed exactly the same, even with the small timing imperfections resulting in characteristic raster flickering. It doesn't get more real than that..

Below are links to some emulation resources.

 Arcade Emulators  
 Multiple Arcade Emulators Official MAME page  Raine
 Console Emulators  
 Super Nintendo (SNES) Snes9x  ZSNES
 Nintendo (NES) FCEUX
 Atari Atari Lynx  Atari 2600  
 Computer Emulators  
 Commodore 64 CCS64   VICE  (Games: GameBase64)
 Commodore Amiga WinFellow  WinUAE
 Apple Macintosh vMac
 Handheld Emulators  
 Game & Watch Game & Watch emulators
 General Emulation Sites  
 Emulators Emulator Zone
 Gaming and Information Retrogames

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